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The Moravian Church, though small, is a world-wide denomination with a rich history dating back to 1457 in Germany. In an effort to reach others with the Gospel, the Church spread to this continent in the 1740’s. The Moravian faith in North America is divided into two provinces – the northern and the southern. With much emphasis on an individual’s faith journey, with a long-standing heritage in music and missions, and a current hope for continuing to grow the Moravian
church, we are well-connected within our province.

Listed below are links to the websites of several organizations, agencies and endeavors supported by the Moravian Church in America and throughout the world.

Laurel Ridge

Many of our members participate, volunteer and support the Moravian Church’s camping program at Laurel Ridge Camp and Conference Center.  Established in 1961 and located less than 2 hours away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the camp has many opportunities for personal and group retreat and development. 

Learn more at the Laurel Ridge Website

Moravian Church Southern Province

The Moravian Church in America is divided into the Northern and Southern Provinces.

To learn more about the structure, policies and history of the southern Province of the Moravian Church, visit mcsp.org.

Moravian Music Foundation

The purpose of the Moravian Music Foundation is to preserve, celebrate and cultivate the musical life of Moravians.  Since the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Moravians in America fostered musical activities of high quality and rich diversity, with both instrumental and vocals.  The work of the foundation is highlighted on their webpage moravianmusic.org.

Sunnyside Ministries

Sunnyside Ministry is a local agency of the Moravian Church that expresses the love of Christ by providing short-term emergency assistance for life’s basic needs to families who find themselves in crisis situations.”  Friedland is involved with this ministry in a number of ways. 

Find out more at sunnysideministries.wordpress.com.

Moravian Archives

As Moravians are among the oldest denominations of Christian churches, we diligently strive to maintain accurate records and archival information.  A host of information is preserved in the Moravian Archives, being affiliated with the Moravian Historical Society. 

Additional information may be obtained at moravianarchives.org


One of the early spiritual leaders of the Moravian Church, Count Nicholas Von Zinzendorf placed a high importance on education.  That tradition is maintained among the Moravian-affiliated schools in America.  Some of those are Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, Salem College and Salem Academy both are located in Winston-Salem, NC.

Moravian ministers are educated and trained at Moravian Theological Seminary

Board of World Missions

It was a mission venture that brought Moravians to America in the 1700’s.  Moravians continue to reach out locally and internationally in an effort to promote and share the Gospel.  Much of the organized mission work of the Moravian Church is discussed and promoted on the website of the Board of World Mission.  History, current mission focus and areas for potential involvement may be found on this site.


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